Selazar partners with XeroE to further its sustainable logistics journey  

In the world of eCommerce, where a single click sets a complex chain of events into motion, the journey from virtual cart to the final mile delivery gets logistically busier everyday – with record sales in eCommerce year after year. Yet, as the digital shopping experience evolves, so does our sustainable logistics responsibility to the planet. At Selazar, we believe that the eCommerce fulfilment journey should not only be seamless for businesses and customers – but also sustainable for our environment.  

In this age of heightened environmental awareness, the need for eco-conscious practices resonates stronger than ever. The footprint of the eCommerce industry has left its mark, raising questions about packaging waste, carbon emissions, and the impact of expedited deliveries. It’s a call to action, a challenge to reimagine the path from “click to courier” in a way that benefits not only eCommerce but also our shared planet. 

Selazar’s evolution toward green logistics and the eco-friendly shipping are ever evolving – honouring our commitment to sustainability. It’s not just a corporate initiative but a promise to empower eCommerce businesses with the tools to thrive in an era where every touchpoint matters – both for customers and the planet. That’s why we are very excited about our partnership with XeroE. 

From plastic-free packaging to emission-free deliveries, we’re shaping a future where eCommerce success and environmental stewardship coexist harmoniously. In this blog, we will navigate through the milestones of our green logistics journey, explore the innovative solutions at your disposal, and shed light on the transformative impact these choices can have on your business. 


Table of contents 

  1. The call for sustainable logistics in eCommerce fulfilment 
  2. Selazar’s path to green logistics 
  3. XeroE partnership for a greener future 
  4. Driving positive change: How Selazar and XeroE’s partnership helps your online business 
  5. Go green with a XeroE and Selazar sustainable logistics supply chain 


The call for sustainable logistics in eCommerce fulfilment 

As the digital marketplace continues to flourish, so do the concerns surrounding packaging waste, carbon emissions, and the increasing demand for swift deliveries. The convenience of online shopping often comes at the expense of our planet, as plastics and excessive packaging materials contribute to landfill overflow, and the emissions from conventional delivery methods further exacerbate the climate crisis. The urgency to counteract these detrimental effects has never been clearer, prompting a resounding call for sustainable alternatives that can revolutionise the eCommerce landscape.  

As we stand at the intersection of technological innovation and ecological responsibility, visionary partnerships like that between Selazar and XeroE champion a path forward. This collaboration exemplifies a shared commitment to greener logistics, underscoring the imperative to combine commerce with environmental consciousness. 


Selazar’s path to green logistics 

Selazar’s dedication to the environment is important. The sustainable ethos matters to the company as well as all our valued brands – and their customers as well. For years we’ve adopted various eco-friendly packaging alternatives. This is accomplished using plastic-free gummed tape, recycled cardboard packaging, and recycled scrunch paper. 


“8 of of 10 UK online shoppers prefer environmentally friendly packaging materials.” 


Plastic waste is one of the worst toxic pollutants on the planet. We help eliminate plastic waste at its source by embracing plastic-free gummed tape within all our fulfilment centres. By foregoing conventional plastic tape in favour of a biodegradable and compostable alternative, Selazar ensures every parcel significantly reduced environmental footprints. We believe strongly in driving change from within, hoping to inspire a wave of sustainable practices across the logistics industry. 


Selazar’s packaging extends its sustainable practices with the use of recycled cardboard, known as corrugated cardboard – a resilient and eco-conscious material that safeguards items during transit while championing the cause of waste reduction. We utilise corrugated cardboard with every package delivered, devoid of bleaches and dyes used in standard manufacturing, which is toxic to the environment. 


Moreover, we implement recycled scrunch paper as a protective barrier for our products. This recycled paper, repurposed into a versatile and effective cushioning material, not only safeguards fragile items but is the best alternative to packing peanuts and plastic bubble wrap. Those materials are a common industry standard, however a hindrance to the environment. Packing peanuts are made of styrofoam, known as polystyrene, and that manufacturing causes excess hazardous waste. Our packaging practices not only mitigate the need for excessive plastic use but gives our clients a moral boost.  

Selazar’s focus on sustainable packaging catalyses a fundamental shift in the eCommerce industry towards environmental stewardship. By embracing plastic-free gummed tape, recycled cardboard, and recycled scrunch paper, Selazar is helping to lead the way in sustainable logistics. 


XeroE partnership for a greener future 

Central to Selazar’s quest for a sustainable logistics blueprint is the transformative partnership with the emission-free courier, XeroE. This collaboration not only underscores Selazar’s further environmental stewardship but also illuminates the potential of eco-friendly logistics to reshape the eCommerce landscape. 


At the core of XeroE’s operational philosophy lies a dedication to emission-free delivery methods. By employing a fleet comprised of bicycles, cargo bikes, and electric vehicles, Xero E has circumvented the conventional reliance on fossil-fuel-powered transportation. This symbiotic approach aligns with Selazar’s sustainability initiatives, creating a sustainability continuum from packaging materials to last-mile delivery. Through this alliance, Selazar extends its commitment beyond the realm of packaging, reinforcing its mission to curtail carbon emissions and minimise the ecological impact of each step in the supply chain. 

XeroE’s emission-free deliveries provide a very novel opportunity to elevate the customer experience – especially those eco-friendly enthusiasts. By choosing eco-friendly transportation, businesses can deliver more than just products; they can convey a commitment to responsible practices and a tangible connection to the global movement for a cleaner environment. Customers are increasingly seeking brands that mirror their values, and XeroE’s emission-free deliveries provide a distinctive means to cultivate a positive brand image while also contributing to the broader cause of sustainable living. 

78% of consumers feel that sustainability is important 

The other advantage of utilising bicycles, cargo bikes, and electric vehicles is that it reduces congestion on urban roads – while ensuring that parcels reach their destinations swiftly and efficiently. This synergy of swiftness and environmental responsibility reshapes the notion of modern logistics. In unity, Selazar and XeroE assist moving towards a greener, more sustainable landscape for the eCommerce industry. Today it’s time for a more pragmatic, innovative, and environmentally responsible approach to final mile delivery. 


Where will XeroE be available for Selazar customers? 

Our valued partnership with XeroE will take place incrementally across the UK. The first phase will see launches in London and Bristol. With these high traffic eCommerce shopping and delivery areas, they will provide access to thousands of customers instantaneously.  

The next phase involves expansion to 24 cities across various areas of the UK. This plan is set to be implemented by the end of 2024, driving awareness and sustainable solutions for millions of customers.  


Does XeroE offer same-day delivery? 

Yes. They offer same day delivery. In fact, that includes collect and delivery within 90 minutes. They have guaranteed same-day delivery with timeslots, proof of delivery, multi-drops and live track. They even have up to 8pm dispatch, allowing more packages to be delivered quicker from click to final mile delivery.  


Driving Positive Change: How Selazar and XeroE’s Partnership helps your online business 

Let’s delve into how this partnership can benefit your online business while contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future. 


Environmental Benefits: Reducing Carbon Emissions and Waste 

Emissions from transportation and packaging are major contributors to carbon footprints in eCommerce. However, by choosing Selazar’s green logistics solutions in conjunction with XeroE, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon emissions and waste output. Our advanced logistics network optimises delivery routes, minimising the distance travelled and thereby lowering carbon emissions. 

With XeroE’s emissions-free delivery technology, your business can eliminate last-mile emissions entirely, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier planet. By quantifying the reduction in carbon emissions achieved through our partnership, you not only showcase your commitment to the environment but also actively participate in combating climate change. 


Brand Reputation: Elevating Your Eco-Friendly Image 

Consumers today are more conscious than ever about the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions. Embracing sustainable practices not only aligns your brand with these consumer values but also enhances your brand’s reputation. By joining forces with Selazar and XeroE, you can proudly display your dedication to eco-conscious logistics and attract environmentally conscious consumers. 

Associating your brand with sustainability and responsible environmental practices will differentiate you from competitors and foster customer loyalty and retention. When customers see that your business is actively contributing to a greener future, they are more likely to choose your products over those of less eco-friendly competitors. 


Cost Savings: A Greener Path to Financial Efficiency 

One might think that adopting sustainable logistics practices is synonymous with increased costs. However, that’s not the case. Our green logistics solutions can lead to substantial cost savings through several avenues: 

  • Reduced Packaging Waste: By optimising packaging and adopting eco-friendly materials, you can significantly reduce packaging waste. This not only benefits the environment but also reduces your costs associated with excess packaging materials from your 3PL. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Streamlining delivery routes and adopting emissions-free vehicles can lead to reduced energy consumption. Over time, this translates into significant savings on fuel and maintenance costs – which is passed onto you.  
  • Customer Satisfaction: Eco-conscious consumers support businesses that prioritise sustainability. By meeting their preferences, you can attract a dedicated customer base that values your commitment to the environment. 


Go green with a XeroE and Selazar sustainable logistics supply chain 

Selazar’s alliance with XeroE signifies a bold stride in the realm of sustainable logistics. This dynamic partnership not only curbs carbon emissions and waste but also enhances brand reputation, resonating with eco-conscious consumers. Ecommerce SME’s and enterprise businesses have a transformative opportunity to align values with action, redefining success through environmentally responsible practices. By embracing Selazar and XeroE’s innovative collaboration, online businesses will pave the way for a greener future while reaping cost savings and driving brand growth.

Contact us today to embark on your sustainable eCommerce fulfilment journey and be part of this revolution towards an eco-friendlier tomorrow. 

Green Fulfilment: Eco-Friendly Shipping & Green Logistics

The advantages of going green for your business 

Thinking green for your business matters more than ever. We work primarily in a digital world but still rely heavily on a physical network of transportation, warehousing, and delivery. The switch to more sustainable solutions affects everybody worldwide, both personally and professionally. Governments and companies are already working diligently to reduce our global footprint. More green energy alternatives are coming online – and now it is time for green logistics to catch up!

Climate change is real, and it is everyone’s responsibility to make a difference. Climate change was estimated to have cost at least 210 billion in damage in the last two years worldwide. Many businesses went under, and countless people lost employment. Sustainability matters everywhere and affects every aspect of our lives.

Green logistics and sustainability are important for many reasons, not just for the planet but for your customers – and your sales. Eco-friendly, eco-conscious consumers are more prevalent than ever. Green logistics is the future of our global supply chain. You can already tell with the overwhelming success of Tesla and electric vehicles on the road today. Going green is no longer a moot subject – but a new global movement that is more important than ever.


52% of UK shoppers say they would be more loyal to a retailer who practices sustainability, while 41% would even be happy to pay more for delivery to know it was a greener option.


Today I want to discuss green logistics and how your brand will directly benefit from embracing green fulfilment strategies. The world is changing, and a green revolution is happening – so it’s time to get on the proverbial green bandwagon.


Table of contents

1) What are green logistics?

2) What is green fulfilment?

3) Advantages of green logistics & green fulfilment

4) Green fulfilment cost savings

5) Sustainable packaging

6) Crackdown on plastics for packaging

7) Align green logistics with green manufacturing – make a difference

8) Global impact of green logistics and green fulfilment


What are green logistics?

Green logistics means using sustainable practices in the logistics industry to decrease harmful impacts on the environment. Setting more responsible policies and standards for transportation services, warehousing, and shipping, global climate health will benefit as a result. There are several ways that these practices can and will be implemented for long-term environmentally friendly solutions.

Green logistics examples

Contributing to the reduction of global carbon emissions includes the use of more electric transport vehicles and biofuels. 2021 saw the biggest annual sales increase of electric vehicles in the UK, involving over 305,000 newly registered vehicles. This is a staggering growth of 74% when compared to 2020. The need to move from fossil fuels to electricity is important and might be mandatory before we know it. For example, conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans are already on track to be banned from sale in the UK in 2030.

Over the next 10 years, sustainable fuels will play a critical role in reducing climate change as well as electric transport vehicles. DHL, a courier partner of ours have started a global protection initiative known as “GoGreen,” created to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases – where their target is to be 100% emission-free by 2050.


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What is green fulfilment?

Green fulfilment means using safe and sustainable business practices regarding eCommerce fulfilment to reduce harmful impacts on the planet. From materials used for packaging to materials used to protect products, it all matters. Big goals with sustainability require big action from everybody, and 3PLs can actively encourage this daily in several ways.

Green fulfilment examples

When it comes to eCommerce fulfilment it’s important for 3PLs to use recyclable materials that are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly packaging options, or “green packaging, “use both corrugated cardboard and gummed tape, which is recycled paper with a latex solution. Plastic tape is made of polypropylene and is not recyclable. Styrofoam is commonly also used with other picking and packing companies, but it is polystyrene and not recyclable. We only use recycled paper for package fillers, and all other 3PLs should too.



Advantages of green logistics and green fulfilment

Not everyone focuses on the environment or going green with their business, which is understandable – you have a business to run. We cannot all care about everything when we have employees to look after and bills to pay. However, to put it in perspective, there are many positive benefits to pay attention to that can actually boost your business by going green.

Below you will see the commercial and profitable advantages to pay close attention to when considering a green shift.

1. Brand reputation

Making sure your brand is aligned properly with sustainable logistics providers matters. Understanding customer interaction should be a core interest and KPI for eCommerce businesses and retailers in the B2B, D2C environment. Empirical data and research in this area have confirmed it’s a large point of contention for customers today.


“50% of digital customers state that environmental concerns impact their purchasing decisions.”


Having integrity in your already eco-conscious brand also means being eco-conscious in the supply chain. Your customers will pay attention to this – and not focusing on this can alienate you from your audience. From store to door – make sure it’s all green. Go green or go home!

2. Get more sales

The question that needs to be asked is “If you’re already an eco-conscious retailer – why would you align yourself with a 3PL without eco-conscious practices?” Make sure your entire operation audits its green practices from sourcing to delivery matters – as it influences buying decisions for customers. First impressions matter – so if a parcel received by a customer is covered in multiple strips of plastic tape, this will negatively impact the impression of your “eco-friendly” brand. Partnering with an eco-conscious 3PL gives you marketing capabilities to elevate and align your brand and customer values for final-mile delivery. As a result, more brand trust and more sales from dedicated consumers.

3. Government Policies

It’s also important to remember the policy and regulatory aspects of going green. In the next decade (as more eco-friendly legislation is passed globally) this issue will become even more popular & poignant. For example, the UK government has announced plans to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035. Over the next decade, because of this goal, more pressure will increasingly be placed on companies to expand their green initiatives. Already being aligned with companies that focus on sustainability helps you keep in line with what is happening legislatively – while keeping your brand consistently accountable and planet friendly!


Green Fulfilment cost savings

Did you know you can benefit from reduced packaging costs with an eco-friendly fulfilment provider? One of the benefits of using more sustainable products for green fulfilment (besides helping save the planet!) is the cost savings passed onto you. 3PLs pass the costs of picking and packing items onto you as well as the cost of their packaging for those materials (boxes, tape, etc.). If those materials are cheaper, your cost is naturally cheaper too.


Sustainable packaging

There are many types of sustainable packaging. There is sustainable packaging for food, sustainable packaging for liquids, and sustainable packaging for materials. We use sustainable packaging boxes as well as paper and plastic-free tape.

For example, water-activated tape (or gummed tape) is much stronger and requires fewer strips of tape when compared to plastic. This is another reason why it’s becoming an industry standard – while avoiding toxic plastic tape. Analysis has shown more strips of plastic tape are needed to properly seal boxes when compared to water-activated tape. This obviously affects labour costs, and consequently, profitability. This is true for any 3PL – as time is money. This practice brings the costs down for the 3PL, hence bringing down the cost for you as well – the 3PL partner. Also, plastic is eradicated – helping the planet.

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Styrofoam vs recycled paper filler

Besides being more expensive, packaging items in boxes take a lot longer to do with styrofoam (also known as packing peanuts) than with recycled paper. Adding to the previous point of labour costs, the recycled paper takes less time to complete the task of preparing packaged items (void fill) – and your customers don’t have to break out the broom! More industries like fashion are already embracing recycled paper packaging.

Major fashion houses and iconic online fashion industry brands have shifted their focus on this issue in recent years – because they know customers are more vocal than ever about plastics in their packaging. Fashion fulfilment for eCommerce is exploding, even garnering more market share than many traditional brick and mortar stores. Recycled paper filler is already becoming more popular by major brands and will be embraced more moving forward. As the third-largest manufacturing industry in the world (garments), more pressure needs to be placed on these companies to support sustainable packaging for clothing.


So… Forget styrofoam! Embrace recycled paper fillers for your products.

*According to National Geographic, of the estimated 400 million tons of plastic produced every year, 40% or 160 million tons, is used exclusively for primary and secondary packaging applications. Styrofoam fillers are plastic-based and wind up in landfills – taking hundreds of years to decompose.


Crackdown on plastics for packaging

Did you know the UK government is already cracking down on plastics? In April, the UK enacted a Plastic Packaging Tax (“PPT”). The reasoning for this is to incentivise businesses to reduce their use of plastic materials specifically for plastic packaging! Large manufacturers and importers of plastic packaging will be on the hook for bringing too much plastic into the UK. So, as you can tell – it’s a dying industry.



Align green logistics with your green manufacturing – make a difference

Ethics check! Eco-friendly eCommerce sellers, who source products from large manufacturers with no commitment to sustainability – is it time to change?

Some countries have fewer regulations when it comes to emissions. It’s understandable you want to get the cheapest price for your products. In the long run, without more accountability, you might directly support one of the largest polluters in the world. It’s important to investigate this critical issue and understand where you want your loyalties to be aligned. More importantly, what would your customers think about this practice with your eco-friendly brand?

A recent poll confirmed that 60% of internet users are willing to pay more money for products that are eco-friendly. This number is expected to increase as millennials and Gen Z will soon be a more prominent demographic in the eCommerce retail space. Younger generations actively approach their buying decisions with a sustainable outlook – and then align themselves with those brands accordingly.

81% of people prefer to buy from sustainable companies


What’s worse than directly supporting the largest polluters? I would say getting called out for it and losing your customers. I am sure your competitors would love to take you to task for it. Personally, I would love to crush my competition by calling out their unethical or “ironic” non-eco-friendly sourcing practices. That would take care of two problems for my business!

So, for the sake of the planet as well as the sake of your bottom line, I’d say it is time to do an ethics check on the source of your manufacturing too. Embrace green manufacturing.


Global impact of Green Logistics

Obviously, the biggest advantage to green logistics and green fulfilment is a reduction of environmental strain. However, you can clearly see the other benefits of these practices for your business. Over the next decade, every industry will be developing more and more “go green” tactics – from green logistics to green manufacturing and even green warehousing. Make sure your brand is aligned on the right side of history. Your planet thanks you – and your customers will too.

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