Time to Switch 3PL?

We move your stock & cover the costs.
Enjoy FREE goods transfer + inbound stock processing.

Sign up before 31st May 2023.  T&C’s apply.

Switch your 3PL

Terms and Conditions
    1. To be eligible for the offer, you must sign up and agree to all contractual terms and conditions of Selazar by May 31, 2023.
    1. All stock must be collected from your current warehouse by May 31, 2023.
    1. You must enter into a 12-month contract with Selazar fulfilment services with a 90-day notice period for termination of the contract.
    1. The offer becomes effective from the collection date.
    1. This offer includes consolidated inbound transport and all handling to storage or pick locations in the Selazar warehouse.
    1. The stock must be presented according to standard Selazar terms and conditions and should not require repacking or relabelling.
    1. The offer refers to the initial stock transfer and processing and does not cover subsequent inbound stock processing during the promotional period.
    1. The maximum cost for consolidated transport and handling is limited to £10,000.
    1. The cost of the offer will be reimbursed after the initial 3 months of full trading, subject to the signed contractual agreement and the fulfillment of all other terms and conditions.
    1. The offer is subject to third-party credit approval.
    1. The offer is subject to a minimum monthly contractual agreement, which will be determined upon signing up for Selazar fulfilment services.
    1. The offer can be ended at any time and is subject to warehouse availability.