A completely automated end-to-end fulfilment solution for your online business

Pick and Pack

Our technology allows staff to seamlessly pick and pack your orders with minimal errors, ensuring your customers receive the correct items quickly and safely.

Illustration of a character picking stock in the warehouse

Effective Picking Runs

  • Intelligent routing calculates the most efficient picking order for each run
  • We pick multiple orders in a single run, keeping picking times to a minimum
  • Products are scanned at multiple points throughout the run to eliminate errors
Selazar portal showing the dashboard user interface

The Selazar Mobile app

The Selazar mobile app is used to find the most effective way around the warehouse.

  • Our digitally mapped warehouses lets staff know exactly where your items are at all times.
  • Picking and packing is timed to the second, keeping your costs down.
  • Our app tells packers the most efficient packaging to use for each order, with plastic free options available.

Delivery and Returns

We manage all your delivery and returns allowing you to sit back and relax.

Illustration of a package being delivered by a courier

Intelligent Routing

Our platform calculates the shortest and most economical route from the warehouse directly to your customer, reducing your costs and carbon emissions.

  • Picked, Packed and Delivered from £1.79
  • Orders dispatched within 30 minutes upon receipt
  • Next day delivery available for all orders received before 9PM
Illustration character with the Selazar mobile app for picking and packing

The Selazar Mobile app

From return shipping to inspection and processing, we get as many of your products back on the shelf, ready to be dispatched to your next customer.

  • Step by step inspection to ensure returns are valid and processed correctly
  • Lowest return shipping cost starting from £2.89
  • We can inspect and process your return in under 2 minutes.
  • Getting the return from your customer and ready to be resold from £3.69

Stock Management and Storage

Our platform makes it quick and easy for you to manage your stock. We perform regular inspections within our warehouse to make sure your products are safe and secure.

Illustration of a character managing stock levels

Easy Stock Management

It can be difficult keeping control of your stock. Our platform gives you a complete overview through a single portal

  • View stock quantity and availability
  • Organise new stock to be delivered to our warehouse
  • Get stock ready to sell quicker by downloading labels and uploading your unique identifiers through our portal
  • Have your stock inspected upon receipt to make sure the correct items have been received in the right condition
Illustration of the warehouse filled with boxes


Our platform places your stock closely together to ensure we can pick and replenish stock as quickly as possible

  • Storage costs per pallet from £2.50 per week
  • Storage costs per box from 35p per week


Smart packaging for a smarter business

Illustration of a character putting a label on a box

Accurate Packaging

Correct sized packaging for every order. No more small items in large boxes, cutting down waste and reducing costs.

  • Securely wrapped in suitable packaging ensuring products arrive safely
  • All our packaging is unbranded as standard
  • Personalized packaging can be sent to our warehouse's to be stored and used for your orders
Illustration of a character carrying a box and the world in the background showing that we have eco friendly options

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We offer plastic free alternatives, giving a greener option for companies who are eco-conscious.

Software and Intelligence

From the moment your orders are received, our intelligence engine calculates the quickest and most economical way for your items to go from our warehouse to your customers.

Illustration of a character putting items into a box

Fast and Accurate Packing

  • Intelligent storage locations to ensure your products are kept together resulting in faster picking times
  • Our system knows the size of your products and calculates the most suitable packaging for each order
Illustration of a character getting a notifcation to say that stock levels are low

Reduced Errors and Notifications

  • Order are checks throughout the process so your customer always receives the correct products
  • Our notification system alerts you to any issues such as low stock or delays

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