The True Value Of Packaging Inserts

What Are Packaging Inserts?

Packaging inserts (packing insert) are anything that goes in the box besides the product(s) being shipped.

There are many different types of inserts you can use. But the main objective is to increase brand loyalty and further repeat sales. We all know it, retaining customers is cheaper than finding new ones. Everything might be shifting right now but some things never change. Catch some new customers online, impress them in an unexpected way and watch them return when Black Friday comes around.

How do you give someone an experience they have not had before?

Really, in today’s modern marketing world it can be hard to breakthrough. The effective connection comes directly from brand-related ideas. They bought your product for a reason, use this highly targeted opportunity to capture their attention.

Personal favourites include bookmarks from bathroom brands, origami puzzles from model making brands and aesthetic inspiration stickers from a spray-paint brand. The objective is to make your customer smile and remember you.


Table of contents:

1.  What are packaging inserts?
2 Are packaging inserts expensive?
3 Better experience results in repeat sales
4. Packaging inserts will help you grow


Are packaging inserts expensive?


Other more fiscally motivated reasons for why inserts are a good idea include:

  • Increases lifetime value (LTV) and brand loyalty. Turning your customers into brand advocates.
  • Targeted audience, cross-selling those slow-moving items is easier.
  • No delivery cost. It is already covered by your order fulfilment.

Being dynamic with your inserts creates effective ways to increase sales. Since you know what the customer has bought you can target your inserts accordingly. Shifting slow-moving stock or experimental lines is easier when you know who might like it.


Better experience results in repeat sales.


When it comes to online retail there are not many customer touchpoints that smart sellers can leverage. Unboxing is one of, if not, the most important touchpoints. Search product unboxing on YouTube and you will see what we mean. Look at the latest tech releases, you’ll find 20-minute videos with about half dedicated to getting the product out of the box.

Not too long-ago high-street retailers figured out that by creating in-store experiences rather than simple displays they could increase brand loyalty and thus sales.
That same ideology is now being adopted by the best online retailers. While the channel of purchase is different the psychology of success is still the same. Making people happy brings them back.


Packaging inserts will help you grow!


Creating engaging inserts will take time and have a cost associated but understanding that loyal customers spend 67% more over their lifetime makes it cost-effective.

A less tangible benefit is brand advocates. Everyone likes to brag about the new cool thing they received or experienced. Give your customers something to brag about and watch as they bring you more new business.

Get the most out of this quarter by exceeding customer expectations – use packaging inserts!


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