Order Fulfilment Services for Pet Food and Pet accessories

For all the pet lovers out there, we know that we consider our pets a part of our family. We want the best options for them when it comes to pet food and accessories. For online business owners, when it comes to order fulfilment services for your livelihood, don’t you also want the best services?

Today we’re discussing the process of outsourcing your order fulfilment for pet products to a 3pl. You should consider all sorts of factors when automating product delivery to your loyal customers – such as next-day delivery, tech-forward warehouse management, custom packaging, 3pl costs and more. So, lets discuss order fulfilment services for pet food and accessories.



Table of contents

1) Online market for pet food and accessories

2) Order fulfilment services: Warehouse management pet food storage with a 3pl

3) Next-day delivery of pet food and accessories

4) Pet accessories custom packaging order fulfilment services

5) Scale your pet brand with a variable pricing structure

6) Order fulfilment services for pet food and pet accessories



Online market for pet food fulfilment and accessories 

Pet food fulfilment and pet accessories are one of the largest online markets that exist today. People love their household pets, and this is an industry that is no fad – but a forever booming market. After all, it is estimated that some 62% of households in the world have pets. Pet ownership in the UK has increased every year since 2015 – with consumers spending more than £3 billion on pet food alone. The largest market segments by far are dogs and cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and hamsters. The world market for pet food is £94.6 billion – and is expecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4% from 2022 to 2030.

In the UK, 20% of pet owners also spend at least £20 per month on outfits, toys, and non-food-related essentials for their pets. This is everything from water and food bowls to leashes and collars, pet beds, and grooming brushes. Because pets need regular grooming between four and six weeks, home grooming products are big sellers. Also, the #1 seller last year were dental care toys, and treats – followed closely by novelty pet beds.

When it comes to our love of our pets, we spare no expense. The online pet food and accessories market is one of the largest industries that will forever dominate eCommerce sales. That is why it is vital you partner with a seasoned 3pl provider that will take your brand to the next level, help you scale with ease, manage your inventory and provide the best service for your customers.


Order fulfilment services: Warehouse management pet food storage with a 3pl

In the logistics industry, warehouse management is everything. The best 3pls have efficient methods of organisation that incorporate technology for managing stock. Any warehouse management done without a WMS (Warehouse management system) is ineffective and will create mistakes. Pet food must be logged and handled correctly; otherwise, brands will face returns and customer abandonment. Responsibilities for warehouse management include keeping inventory secure in an organised environment, picking and packing the inventory when orders come in online, forecasting supply volumes, and tracking orders in real-time. Ecommerce warehousing and fulfilment centres ensure your orders are processed smoothly from intake to final mile delivery.


When it comes to proper inventory management, there are several methods to make sure inventory is properly stored. One stock management method is FIFO, known as first in, first out. When it comes to ambient foods and products that expire, it’s important that the freshest products are available for consumption first. This means the warehouse must scan, log, and organise in a manner that is compliant with great food storage practices. This is why manual methods with 3PLs are liabilities. Real-time computer data is a failsafe for products expiring and being delivered to consumers. This is how technology and FIFO efficiently manage operations.



image of dog on boxes - pet food delivery order fulfilment, pet food 3pl services

Next-day delivery of pet food and accessories

There are several touchpoints that matter when making that final buying decision for customers. There are always price and quality of course, but also delivery speed. In a new age of retail, customer expectations have changed. Dispatch speed matters when it comes to getting products to your customers fast.


“62% of shoppers say delivery speed influences their purchasing decisions.”


When it comes to ordering pet food, there can’t be much lag time. Consumers often wait until the last minute to renew their online orders for their pets – and “Fido” the cat will not put up with delayed fancy feast delights. Same-day dispatch matters to ensure next-day delivery. Selazar has industry-leading dispatch times that guarantee products move out fast, in the right order, in the most efficient way. This is why brands like Buddy & Lola count on our pet food storage and fulfilment services.

Peak shopping time during the week is between 5 pm and 9 pm. This is why we guarantee same-day dispatch for orders made before 7 pm and offer next-day delivery on orders received before 9 pm. Do not work with a 3pl that has average dispatch times around the industry standard between 1 and 2 pm. Your consumers will abandon you, and other brands will outsell you.

“26% of online shoppers abandon purchases due to long shipping times.”


Pet accessories custom packaging 3pl services

When it comes to your brand, it’s precious. It matters in modern times when customers associate their lifestyles massively with brands. For example, brands such as Buddy & Lola sell non-GMO, gluten-free products tested free from pesticides and glyphosate. Their eco-conscious natural approach to their brand resonates with pet owners. Their packaging and branding reflect this.

50% of consumers say branded packaging makes them more likely to recommend a brand to their friends – with 61% saying branded packaging makes them more excited about receiving products. Branded packaging exposure for your brand is another component of customer experiences. It all matters. Use only 3pl services that offer custom packaging for your brand. This can all be accommodated from fillers to boxes with a high-quality third-party logistics provider.

Image of pet food from Buddy and Lola - custom packaging and brand awareness - 3pl services


Scale your pet brand with a variable pricing structure

Scalability is on the minds of practically every business owner. Who doesn’t want to grow and make more sales? When it comes to using a 3pl for your pet products, it will be more beneficial with the right pricing structure. We’re talking about fixed vs variable pricing structures.

As more of your pet food and accessories are sold and fulfilled, it helps to have a pricing system with the best value.

Fixed pricing structures offer no flexibility. “A” always equals “B”. £5 per delivery, £6 per delivery, etc. Suppose the cost to fulfil the order as the 3pl was £2 for their business, but you were still charged £6? Businesses need to make a profit obviously to survive, but how does that help you with your profit margin? At Selazar, when we save, you save. Our pick-and-pack industry-leading rates keep costs low for business owners. So, with this system, prices will fluctuate up and down per order – but never above what was agreed.

This is innovation in 3pl costs and logistics

It’s what is known as a fixed cap variable pricing structure. This methodology ensures you can save more money and scale your online business better.



Order fulfilment Services for Pet food and accessories

If you’re an online retailer in the pet industry, do your due diligence before picking your pet business fulfilment partner. They are not all created equal and will greatly impact your business. They will be your partner in business, essentially the logistics wing of your operations. Know what you want from your order fulfilment services – from next-day delivery to custom packaging and 3pl pricing. The relationship is important and needs to be built on trust. Should you be interested in our order fulfilment services, set up a no-obligation free discovery call today.



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