About Us

We are Selazar

Here at Selazar we believe that growing an eCommerce business should be flexible and organic. We specialise in eCommerce operations allowing retailers to focus on growing their business while giving them access to the best rates, reducing costs by up to 40%.

Our pay-as-you-go model eliminates the need to tie up capital on warehouses, equipment, staff or software. This makes our automated end-to-end fulfilment solution the best choice for both established eCommerce businesses as well as those just starting up.

Unlike other providers, there are no setup or monthly fees and our platform is designed to make it as easy as possible to use. However, if you have any problems you are never on your own, our talented team are here to help.

Our Team

Portrait photo of Jack Williams

Jack Williams

CEO | Founder

Specialising in eCommerce strategy and logistics, master of getting the job done.

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Portrait photo of Kevan Bishonden

Kevan Bishonden


In-depth knowledge of the eCommerce market, possibly from buying too many trainers online.

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Portrait photo of Louise McCabe

Louise McCabe


30 years experience in finance and business development, 3 years in the ring.

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Portrait photo of Gareth Burns

Gareth Burns

CTO | Co-Founder

Over 15 years web and digital development experience. He has a diverse range of technical skills and management experience.

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Portrait photo of Matt Teeney

Matt Teeney

Head of Digital Development

7 years of full-stack .NET experience. Avid gamer, musician, and, lover of all things food.

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Portrait photo of Rory Longwell

Rory Longwell

Software Developer

Experience in .NET, interest in React, fuelled by baked goods.

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Portrait photo of John Doherty

John Doherty

Software Developer

C# developer with a history of full stack and mobile development.

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Portrait photo of Amber McGregor

Amber McGregor

Lead Digital Designer

Designing digital experiences, intuitive interfaces and vector illustrations since 2015.

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Portrait photo of Steven McStravog

Steven McStravog

Digital Developer

Full-stack developer with a fondness for React. Admirer of fine whisk(e)y.

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Portrait photo of Gordon Sloan

Gordon Sloan

QA Engineer

Experienced quality assurance tester for web based applications.

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